Throughout this website you will encounter
examples of Ann Crain's small works, which
encompass figurative, landscape and abstract and
other forms of composition and subject matter.
Below, is a sampling of small work. Sometimes
these little works are gems of spontaneous
brushwork. Ann Crain's mastery of light and form
expresses itself beautifully in all of these works.
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No. 1057   7"x5" on Panel No.1058   7"x5" on Panel No.1059   7"x5" on Panel
No.1060   7"x5" on Panel No. 730   7"x5" on Paper No. 1045a  "Martini Series-Green Dress"   6"x4" on Panel
No.1050  Shoppers Series   7"x5" on Panel No.1051  "Martini Series-Maroon Dress"   6"x4" on Panel No. 1052   8"x7" on Paper
No.1084   6"x4" on Panel No. 1086   7"x7" on Paper No.1087   7"x7" on Paper