Ann Crain's abstracts mingle hues and tones with a
diverse array of brushstrokes across the canvases in
her representation of the world around her.
Saturated with creativity and radiating with
emotion, these works initiate a dialogue with the
viewer that is at once intimate and sophisiticated.
Comprehending the power of the imagination, Ann's
works propel the viewer into imagination and
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No. 1532  "Tranquility Series no.1"   12"x12" on Canvas No. 1533 "Tranquility Series no.2"   12"x12" on Canvas No. 1534  "Tranquility Series no. 3"   12"x12" on Canvas
No. 1530   24"x18" on Board  No.1412   10"x10" on Board No. 1513   10"x10" on Board
No. 1385   26"x22" on Paper No. 1416 No. 1492   30"x22.5" on Paper
No. 1496 No. 1498 No. 1499
No. 1501   40"x30" on Canvas No. 1513  "Marquee"   SOLD
No. 1329  "Sensation"   30"x22" on Paper No. 1187   10"x8"  Matted on Paper No. 1306   10"x10" on Paper
No. 1320   "7x5" on Panel No. 1367 No. 1388  "Traverse City"   12"x12" on Canvas
No. 1389  "Nans Pond"   12"x12" on Canvas No. 1414   10"x10" on Panel Mounted No. 1415  10"x10" on Panel Mounted
No. 1418   5"x3.5" on Paper No. 1418  "Loupas Point Rd"   11"x10" on Paper No. 1419-B1   10"x10" on Paper
No. 1419-B2   10"x10" on Paper No. 1419-B3   10"x10" on Paper No. 1419-1   5"x3.5" on Paper
No. 1419-2    5"x3.5" on Paper NO. 1419-3   5"x3.5" on Paper No. 1419-4    5"x3.5" on Paper
No. 1419-A    11"x10" on Paper
No. 1368   12"x12" on Canvas No. 1369   12"x12" on Canvas No. 1370   12"x12" on Canvas
No. 1371   12"x12" on Board No. 1372   12"x12" on Board No. 1373   12"x12" on Board
No. 1437   10"x8" Matted on Paper
Traverse City Series no.1550 Traverse City Series no. 1551 Traverse City Series no. 1552
Traverse City Series no. 1553 Traverse City Series no. 1554 Traverse City Series no. 1555
Traverse City Series no. 1556 Traverse City Series no. 1557 Traverse City Series no. 1558
Traverse City Series no. 1559 Traverse City Series no. 1560 Traverse City Series no. 1561
Traverse City Series no. 1562 Traverse City Series no. 1563 "Traverse City Series" no.1564
"Traverse City Series" no.1565 "Traverse City Series" no.1566 "Traverse City Series" no.1567
"Traverse City Series" no.1568 "Traverse City Series" no.1569 "Traverse City Series" no.1570
"Traverse City Series" no.1571 "Traverse City Series" no.1572 "Traverse City Series" no.1573
"Traverse City Series" no.1574 "Traverse City Series" no.1575 "Traverse City Series" no.1576
traverse city series