Each piece is one of Ann's entirely original
inspirations, handworked and is of hammered silver
shaped and sculpted into one of a kind pieces.

Ann Crain's jewelry is currently available through
North End Gallery in Leonardtown, Maryland and
in the gift shop at Annmarie Garden in Solomons,
Maryland.  Also available directly from the artist.

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Bracelet no.1   $65 Earrings no.1   $60 Earrings no.2   $65
Earrings no.3   $50 Earrings no.4   $45 Earrings no.5   $65
Necklace no.1   $65 Necklace  no.2   $150 Necklace  no.3   $165
Necklace  no.4   $95 Shawl Pin no.1   $30 Shawl Pin no.2   $30