Ann Crain's landscapes reflect her travels and her
life experiences. Growing up on the eastern shore,
and living on the western shore, many of her
landscapes are of long expanses of water and
marshland. Her travels abroad are recorded with
beautiful, expressive imagery.
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No.1514   10"x10" on Board
No. 1390  7"x5" on Canvas No. 1445  6"x4" on Panel
No. 1439   4"x6" on Panel
No. ???c   12"x12" on Panel
No. 1191  "en Hilton Head"  6"x8" on Paper No. 1180   6"x7.5" on Paper
No. 1192  6"x8" on Paper No. 1256-9
No. 1132 "Wednesday"  9"x6" on Paper No. 1134  10"x6.5" on Paper No. 1128  10"x6" on Paper
No. 1064-A  on Paper Mounted No.1064-ab  on Paper Mounted No. 1064-b  on Paper Mounted
No. 1112 "Tuscanny" on Paper No. 1113   9"x13" on Paper No. 1114   6"x6"  on Paper
No. 1116  "Sun"   6.5"x6.5" on Paper No. 1117   13"x13"  on Paper No. 1120  "Monday"  14.5"x6.5"  on Paper
No. 1121 "Monday"   14.5"x6.5" on Paper No. 1125   "Tuesday"   12"x9" on Paper No. 1126   "Tuesday"   10"x8" on Panel