Ann Crain's figurative imagery captures body in
motion, her brushwork finds the emphasis in
structure and balance in position of pose. She
also captures a moment of human experience
such as we all share. With an emphasis in female
imagery, her work captures the joys of life.
No.1371 - TrpTyk   30"x10" on Board No. 1528   7"x5" on Panel (Sold)
No. 1479 No. 1036 - Sold
No. 1497 No. 1511  "Red Carpet"
No. 1049   "6x4" on Panel No. 1391   7"x5" on Canvas No. 1441   5"x4" on Canvas
No. 1444   6"x4" on Panel No. 1446   4"x6" on Panel No. 1447   6"x4" on Panel
No. 1448   6"x4" on Panel No. 1449   6"x4" on Panel No. 1450   5"x4" on Canvas
No. ???A   12"x12" on Panel No. ???d   12"x12" on Panel No. 1390   7"x5" on Panel
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